This Week is Carers Week

Just want to say what an awesome job our SNOOP parent/carers do on a daily basis.

To celebrate Carers Week 2021, we want to raise awareness of just how much lived experience caring for a person with learning disabilities and/or autism matters. There is no certificate that could cover every aspect of your caring life but your expertise knowledge and experience play an integral role when it comes to planning for a good life as an adult for the person you love and care for.

We should never underestimate how challenging a time it is when your child is preparing to leave school, as parent/carers we want to get this right but it natural brings with it an anxious and worrying time, it is what we don’t know that can stress us out. The young person is often well supported but the parent/carers of young people with learning disabilities and/or autism often are not.

Therefore, we welcome you to SNOOP’s new Parent/Carer Forum!

The purpose of this forum is to provide parent/carers of young people with SEND, learning disabilities or autism with a place where they can share their experiences, ideas and views on preparing for adulthood and making that transition from school into adult life (and or the changes that it brings).

Together we can learn from each other, raise questions, concerns and support each other to feel confident and able to deal with the things with we are faced with on this important journey. Leaving school, is one of the biggest steps our children are going to take and as parent/carers we can use all our years of lived experience to support those we care for to prepare for a good life in the future.

This is a private Facebook group and only members within the group will be able to post.