Our Mission

Snoop’s vision is for a society where people with learning disabilities and their parent/carers feel valued, supported and enabled to have a good life with the same chances and opportunities as any other person.

Our mission is to give personalised support to young people with learning disabilities and their parents/carers by providing a wide range of services which aim to meet each individual needs.


The Objects of the company are :

(a) To relieve the needs of people with disabilities and their parents and carers through the provision of play and care activities, help/support, education, training and activities and

(b) To advance the education and training of the public, in particular but not exclusively those working with children and young people on disability issues.

Our History

Cool Timeline

August 2

August 2000

Close friends for over 30 years and extensive experience in childcare. With a lack of flexible childcare for children with disabilities, and help from a grant the “2 Carols” opened Snoop with 2 staff and 4 children.
August 2

April 2003

Snoop moved from 1 classroom into larger premises to enable us to offer care to more children and support more families
August 2


Introduction of Adult Services for young people with learning difficulties aged between 16-25 years for life, independence, social skills and fun
August 2


Snoop became a registered charity
August 2


Our young adults worked to develop a “safe place scheme” which has become Bradford and district-wide.
August 1

June 2012

Moved to our current purpose built Snoop centre incorporating all services under one roof, with state of the art changing facilities, sensory room, climbing wall and fully accessible bespoke services.

Our Team


Snoop is committed to ensuring the best interests of the young person’s welfare, care and development and operates under all current policy guidelines.