Jenny is running again!

Run for SNOOP!

On the 12th of May 2024, I will be participating in the Rob Burrows Leeds Marathon, dedicating my run to raise funds for SNOOP (Special Needs Objective Outreach Project), a local charity that supports Children and Young Adults with learning disabilities and neurodivergence.

SNOOP holds a special place in my heart, not only as my workplace but because it has become like a second family. Each day I witness the resilience of the families we support. Despite life’s ups and downs, they persevere, inspiring me every day.

At SNOOP, our vision is for a society where people with learning disabilities and their parents and carers, feel valued, supported, and enabled to live a good life with the same chances and opportunities as any other person. However, achieving this vision requires ongoing support, and that’s why I’ve chosen to take on the challenge of the marathon.

I am fortunate to enjoy good physical health, a privilege not shared by all the families we support, many who have physical health conditions that make engaging in physical activity more challenging. This motivates me even more to undertake the marathon, using my health to support those who face additional challenges.

This is my first ever marathon so quite a challenge!

If you would like to sponsor me you can either donate via Just Giving or alternatively you can sponsor me for one of the 26 miles and I will run that mile for you, or you can dedicate the mile to the memory of someone. Please follow the link here to Just Giving or message me with the mile and amount you would like to sponsor. (
Thank you. Jenny


Fundraising Newsletter February 2024

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Table Top Sale Saturday March 23rd

Please join us on Saturday March 23rd, from 12 pm to 2 pm to browse the bargains on sale, and enjoy some refreshments. Tables can be booked if you’d like to sell your own pre-loved items, but get in touch soon as tables are limited. Book by calling 01274 292126 or emailing jenny.turner@snoopcharity.orgĀ  You can find more details here.


We are recruiting!

We are looking for a Play Support worker to join our friendly team. Please contact Sophie, details are on the flyer below. We look forward to hearing from you!