The SNOOP Story

2 CarolsSNOOP is run by “the 2 Carol’s” – Carol Amery & Carol Beardmore.

They have been close friends for over 30 years and both have children with special needs. They have over 17 years experience in childcare and playwork and development and service planning, both locally, regionally and nationally.

The greatest thing they have in common is that they are passionate about making sure that it is easier for the new parents just entering “the maze” that is the system of education and care for children with disabilities and complex health needs than it was for themselves.

They have been passionate in the use of their position, particularly in recent years, to ensure that the views of parnets/carers of such children are heard and acted upon.

For a long time they participated in and helped facilitate consultation exercises to identitfy the needs of the families of children with disabilities and complex health needs. Time and time again the request for childcare which was completely flexible and child-centred arose. Many attempts were made and though successful to a certain extent, they were not quite “right”.

Having both been involved in the organisation of playschemes for children with disabilities and on projects enabling such children to access mainstream childcare, parent/carers suggested that if the 2 Carol’s organised the care, then they would send their children.

It was a BIG decision! Any provision offering a totally flexible service with a target audience which was potentially risky could never be a financially viable business – that much was known. Children with special needs have a whirlwind life which often has to be organised down to the last detail for most of the time – hospital appointments, reviews, assessments, leisure activities – parents and carers often feel as if they are running a taxi service!

But if external funding could be obtained, the 2 Carol’s felt that it may work… That’s how it happened!

A bid was submitted to the New Opportunities Fund… “we thought if they say no, then we have lost nothing. If they say “yes” then we can panic and panic we did. They said yes with a start-up grant and we had to hand in our notice at our existing jobs. It was a risk, a huge risk for our families, but believe us – it was the best thing we ever did!”

SNOOP started in August 2000 with decorating our one childcare room and opened with a play/care scheme with 4 children. A move to larger premises took place in April 2003.

SNOOP MoveThe Big Move to new premises.

On June 22, 2012, we moved to our purpose built SNOOP centre, incorporating all services under one roof. This centre was planned with full consultation with parents, carers, children and young people. Our centre has a state of the art changing places, sensory room, fully accessible bespoke services which will allow us to work with more families and provide a wider range of services across the Bradford district.

For more information on SNOOP you’ll have to explore this website!

SNOOP is totally dependent on external funding and donations, so if you are interested in helping, please feel free to contact us – we would be more than pleased to hear from you. Thank you!